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Elementary Overview

Our goal is to provide students with a strong educational foundation that is rooted in a biblical view of God and the world.  The textbooks and other teaching resources have been carefully selected as they are the tools we use to provide an educational program that achieves not only excellence in academics, but also instills a love for learning in our students.  It is our desire to equip students to integrate God’s truth into their daily lives.  Our curriculum provides the framework needed for students to grow in their knowledge of God, themselves and the world.

Currently LCA utilizes a multi-grade approach to classroom organization. Although our long-term goal is to have each grade constitute a class of its own, we have found the multi-grade class to have many benefits for the students at both grade levels.  Additionally, one of our goals at LCA is to do our very best to meet the individual learning needs of each student in our classrooms. Low teacher-to-student ratios and dedicated, talented staff help us to achieve this goal for our students.

Our current classroom organization is as follows:
1st and 2nd Grade
3rd and 4th Grade
5th and 6th Grade

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