Typical Preschool Day


Before Care

Do mom or dad need to be at work? Families are welcome to sign up for Before Care—it begins at 7:40 and is available to both Preschool/PreK and Elementary students. This is a fun and relaxing way for students to begin their mornings.


8:30am! It’s time for school! Preschool/PreK parents have the option to either drop off their students in car line or walk them to their class. We hang our totes on our hooks and begin our morning playtime while we wait for all of our friends to arrive. We have lots of choices—we can play with our friends, read books, color, or do tabletop activities.

Circle Time

It’s Circle-Time: We sing our Welcome Song, log the weather, update our classroom calendar, share our morning devotions and get the day moving with some fun preschool songs!

Active Time

Time to get those legs moving–gross motor activity outside on the playground or in the gym.


We love when our teachers read to us–they pick the BEST books that are related to our weekly theme! We also enjoy journaling—it is an important part of our day where we spend some time writing and drawing about how our theme applies to life.

Snack Time

Snack Time: Each week a classroom friend provides a snack for us all to share. Note: We are a “Peanut Safe” Preschool—no peanuts or tree nuts allowed.

Center Time

Students enjoy a variety of hands on activities with their peers or working in small groups with their teacher. Center time activities might include kitchen, blocks, trains, book nook, or sensory stations. Learning is integrated in all that we do!

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts are an important part of our day! Not only do they help reinforce what we are learning, they also help us develop those little muscles in our hands so they will get nice and strong!

Early Dismissal

11:30 Dismissal—It’s time to say goodbye for today to our Preschool 3 and PreK AM friends.

Recess and Lunch Bunch

Recess and Lunch Bunch! Students bring their own lunches and we eat together in the PreK lunchroom. On the first and third Thursdays, students have the option of ordering pizza for lunch. Pizza lunch includes pizza, a healthy snack (either fruit or vegetable) and 2 cookies.

12:30 Dismissal

12:30 Dismissal—PreK AM friends who opt to stay for Lunch Bunch leave for the day.

Afternoon Activities

In the afternoon, students are engaged in learning experiences that help them dive deeper into topics and activities from earlier in the day.

Rest Time

Rest Time—Time to take a break and unwind. Students keep mats or sleeping bags at school so they can relax their minds and bodies.

3pm Dismissal

As we finish our day, we share a goodbye rhyme and pack up for our 3pm dismissal.