Our goal is to provide students with a strong educational foundation that is rooted in a biblical view of God and the world. The textbooks and other teaching resources have been carefully selected as they are the tools we use to provide an educational program that achieves not only excellence in academics, but also instills a love for learning in our students. It is our desire to equip students to integrate God’s truth into their daily lives. Our curriculum provides the framework needed for students to grow in their knowledge of God, themselves and the world.

Currently LCA utilizes a multi-grade approach to classroom organization. Although our long-term goal is to have each grade constitute a class of its own, we have found the multi-grade class to have many benefits for the students at both grade levels. Additionally, one of our goals at LCA is to do our very best to meet the individual learning needs of each student in our classrooms Low teacher-to-student ratios and dedicated, talented staff help us to achieve this goal for our students.

Our current classroom organization is as follows:
1st and 2nd Grade
3rd and 4th Grade
5th and 6th Grade


Typical Elementary School Day


Before Care

Do Mom or Dad work? LCA offers Before Care for students beginning at 7:40am. This is a calm and relaxing way for students to begin their day.


It’s 8:10am, LCA doors are open and we are ready to greet your students. Bus transportation is available for students who live in the Avon Grove, Kennett and Oxford School Districts.

Getting Started

At 8:30 our school day begins. We start our mornings with pledges and prayer as a unified school. Each day is a new opportunity to grow—LCA is a safe and loving environment for your student to learn and mature.

Head to Class

Individual classes begin their day with a morning meeting where they might update their classroom calendar, log their days of school, practice their Bible verse, assign jobs and have classroom devotions.


Core subjects of Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Math and Bible are studied each day. Students are also taught integrated Science and Social Studies on rotating schedules. All education is grounded in Christian Fundamentals and with a Biblical World View.

Lunch Time

Students should bring a healthy snack for the morning and a nutritional lunch that he/she will eat in the LCA lunchroom. Pizza Lunch is offered on the first and third Thursdays of each month. There is also a special Chick-fil-a Day each trimester.


Recess is an important part of our day! It gives our students an opportunity to relax and enjoy unstructured time with friends. Students love playing on the playground or organizing their own games of tag, kickball, or creative play. On cold days students have recess in the gym where they might play basketball, wall ball, or soccer. Some students simply enjoy socializing with friends.


Each day LCA students have a 45 minute class focusing on Art, Music, Technology, Spanish or Phys Ed. This is an exciting time where they can develop their gifts and talents in unique areas of learning.

End of Day

It’s 3pm—time for our school day to end. Bus students gather in the main lobby and car-line students meet in the fellowship hall where they are dismissed as their parents arrive.

After School Clubs

LCA offers a variety of clubs that meet after school. These clubs give your students the opportunity to excel in areas outside of the school day. Soccer Shots, Art Club, and Science Explorers are offered in rotating sessions throughout the school year.