One of the main goals for our 1st and 2nd grade is to continue the foundation that was laid in Kindergarten, while instilling a love for reading and desire for learning! Our 1st and 2nd grade classroom is a place where students’ hearts are nurtured as they engage in purposeful activities that promote learning. As students interact with the stories in our “Open Court” textbook series and in our literature units, they grow in their ability to understand and explain what they have read. Students in these grades also continue to work on learning specific phonics and word “attack” skills as they grow in their reading fluency. Discovering the true joy of reading in these grades is vital to the continued success of developing independent and skilled readers.

Journal Writing continues to be an integral part of our program in the 1st and 2nd grade classroom. Daily journal writing allows students to make connections between letter sounds and the written word, as well as to provide an opportunity to express their thoughts in writing. Journals are used as a springboard to teach students a variety of lessons about writing. Using student work as the basis for a lesson creates a more meaningful context for students as they learn how to become better writers.

Our Math program continues to build in 1st and 2nd grade, adding to the foundational topics studied in Kindergarten. Our “Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley” Math program engages our students as it strengthens their understanding of math. The use of manipulatives, as well as the development of problem solving and mental math skills, helps provide a strong mathematical foundation for our students.

Science and Social Studies units enrich the curriculum in 1st and 2nd grade. Units such as Astronomy, Weather, the Human Body, Ocean Life, Communities and Famous Americans are explored throughout the year. Integrating these topics with literature, hands-on activities, and projects, makes learning exciting and fun as students begin to explore the world beyond their classroom!

In Bible, students see God’s provision of love for us as they take a look at creation, our families, our friends, Jesus Christ, and God’s incredible care for us. Students in 1st and 2nd grade also take a look at the life of Moses through the book of Exodus. The promises of God become evident as students discover how God’s people learned to trust in Him.